Build the future of healthcare services.

Particle helps networks build their businesses and make their businesses better. Contact our Business Development team to learn more about how Particle can help.



Stay competitive with trusted & innovative partners that can build on top of your network, bringing new value and engagement to your customers. Much like the financial sector, healthcare, and its data holders, stand to benefit tremendously by adopting models that can reach wider audiences and promote patient or consumer rights.


Advocate for Responsible Data Access

Particle advocates for responsible access & is highly involved with regulatory agencies, data alliances and standards working groups ensuring partners are at the forefront of quickly evolving regulation and policy. As new regulations and policies emerge, Particle is a simple and affordable way to keep up with a drastically changing landscape.


Industry Defining Security

Particle manages compliance and security on your behalf by keeping up to date with all the highest standards in HIPAA, TEFCA and industry practice. We’ve gone through extensive testing to make sure you don’t have to.