Particle’s unique technology.

We’ve packaged up several large data networks spanning >90% of all acute care EMRs across the country and built an API that takes care of IHE integration, compliance, security, HIPAA authorization, nationwide patient discovery, data aggregation, parsing and consolidation. In the end, Particle is the fastest onramp to the largest data networks in the US.


Traditionally, there were three ways of accessing medical information…


Fax & Mail

  • 30-60 Days

  • Expensive

  • Paper-based

Direct Integration

  • BAA Required

  • Long Integrations

  • One-by-One

Portal Scraping

  • Requires Password

  • Limited Data

  • Redundant logins


The fastest & most affordable way to connect to the US healthcare system.


Join the nation’s largest networks simply by plugging into Particle’s API:

  1. HIPAA Authorization

  2. Master Patient Index

  3. Record Locator Service

  4. IHE Abstraction

  5. Data Aggregation, Parsing & Normalization

  6. Auditing and Reporting

  7. Evolving FHIR Capabilities

  8. Up to Date Policies and Procedures