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Easily access the prescription and diagnostic records you need to create innovative digital pharmacy solutions.

Master the Medication Maze

Gone are the days when patients and providers simply accepted slow, confusing, disconnected, and flawed pharmacy systems as the norm. People expect better from their medication management, monitoring, and distribution solutions — and with innovations powered by Particle, they get it.

Improve patient care
  • Complete, up-to-date prescription and diagnostic records are the key to accurate medication reconciliation, effective adherence monitoring, and, ultimately, patient safety.

Enhance every experience
  • Put users’ needs at the center of every interaction, from fast, accurate onboarding to intuitive, convenient services to easier transfers and insurance approvals.

Reduce waste and risk
  • Armed with the latest data, digital pharmacies can ensure the right patient gets the right meds at the right time — without duplicating efforts or filling contraindicated scripts.

Use Cases

With a single, digital point of access for complete patient records, you can tackle the biggest challenges in pharmacy processes today.

From piecemeal prescription history...

Getting comprehensive patient history is essential for accurate medication reconciliation. But manual entry or piecemeal requests are notoriously slow and error-prone. rapid digital onboarding.

Have patients enter their demographics while registering for an account, and Particle will coordinate, parse, aggregate, and deliver complete, actionable medication history data.

From out-of-date info...

To ensure patient safety, pharmacies need the most accurate prescription and dosing data — but these can change frequently as providers tailor care to patient needs. up-to-date assurance.

With Particle’s simple API, pharmacists and providers can set regular intervals to pull patients’ most up-to-date medication lists, prescriptions, dosing information, and more.

From compliance confusion...

It can be difficult for providers and pharmacies to get visibility into the number of refills and duration between refills to monitor dosing adherence for each prescription. adherence affirmation.

Particle delivers granular-level data to facilitate not only highly accurate medication monitoring but also timely interventions when compliance issues arise.

From hoping for the best...

With patients constantly moving between care settings, it can be challenging to track the impact of any medication — especially when a patient has multiple prescriptions.

…to tracking real effects.

Particle provides updated vitals and lab results at specified intervals to help providers track medication outcomes and side effects — and make adjustments accordingly.

From transfer headaches...

With traditional systems, transferring prescriptions and open refills from another pharmacy is a complex process requiring lots of time on the phone, computer, and/or fax machine. seamless swaps.

With Particle, it’s easy to transfer and fulfill prescriptions sent to a different pharmacy. Our platform connects thousands of providers and data sources — so you don’t have to.

From delayed delivery...

Certain prescriptions require prior authorization from health insurance providers before they can be filled by pharmacies, and navigating these systems can be tedious and slow. smooth sailing.

Particle Health’s “network of networks” can help connect the dots, facilitating faster prior authorization, so patients get the medications they need, when they need them.

Particle in Action:

Capsule and Medly

The Challenge

The pharmacy system is broken. Traditional processes require consumers to take paper prescriptions by hand from providers to pharmacies, wait for verification on archaic systems, and then wait even more for the script to be filled.

The Solution

Particle Health’s simple API provides fast access to the complete, structured data digital pharmacies like Capsule and Medly need to modernize these processes for consumers as well as pharmacies and service providers.

The Impact

By facilitating automated refills, scheduled deliveries, and advanced analytics for medication optimization, adherence, and reconciliation, digital pharmacies are improving not only customer experiences and efficiency, but also patient care.

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