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Create digital solutions that improve patient care via quick, easy medical record retrieval.

Ax the fax

The future of healthcare is about digital systems that eliminate traditional headaches. With Particle, you can empower providers to retrieve medical records digitally, in seconds. No angry fax machine noises. No watching and waiting. No papercuts. Just a host of benefits for patients, professionals, and healthcare organizations alike.

Improve patient care & outcomes
  • Armed with complete, up-to-date medical records, providers can make smarter treatment decisions and more effectively and holistically personalize patient care.

Maintain regulatory compliance & reduce risk
  • Adhering to industry and/or hospital protocols and avoiding contraindicated prescriptions, procedures, or other treatments is much easier with accurate, timely patient data.

Boost efficiency & lower costs
  • Traditional, paper-based records eat up too much clinician and administrator time. With Particle, you can free them up to focus on what matters most—improving patient care.

Use Cases

With a single, digital point of access for complete medical records, you can help providers tackle some of their biggest challenges.

From piecemeal patient history...

Providers need an accurate, comprehensive history on every patient. But getting info verbally or pulling it manually from outside sources is notoriously slow and error-prone.

...to rapid digital onboarding.

Simply have patients enter their demographics while booking an appointment, and Particle will seamlessly pull their complete medical history into the provider’s system.

From siloed encounters...

To properly coordinate care, providers need visibility into patients’ interactions with other HCPs. But getting this info can be difficult—and mistakes can be costly.

...to fully transparent treatment.

With Particle, providers can simply filter results by time frame and data type, such as physician notes, encounter types, labs, and vitals, to monitor progress across care settings.

From black box tracking devices...

At-home patient-monitoring devices can help providers track everything from blood pressure to weight. That is if they can actually access the data—or the context to interpret it.

...to robust remote monitoring.

Particle allows providers to pull remote monitoring data and patient-reported outcomes from multiple apps and devices at specific intervals for a continual picture of patient status.

From a mess of medications...

Whether it’s contraindicated combinations or outdated scripts, mistakes are hard to avoid when patients are juggling multiple prescriptions from multiple providers.

…to seamless reconciliation.

Particle provides complete medication histories—including start dates and reasons—to help identify contraindications, outdated scripts, or other issues that put patients at risk.

From scattered demographics...

Population health providers need help understanding variations in demographics and social determinants of health to mobilize the right resources at the right time.

...to population-level insights.

With Particle, providers gain high-level insight into factors like median age and obesity prevalence. This allows them to tailor operations to the patient population at scale.

From sub-par preventative care...

Regular screening is an essential part of preventative care. But many patients interact with multiple care systems, so it’s hard to track which tests have been performed—and when.

...to systematic screenings.

With Particle, providers can easily pull patients’ most recent labs to ensure they never miss a screening opportunity, saving not only lives but also costs due to early detection.

Particle in Action:

Oak Street Health

The Challenge

Oak Street Health is an Accountable Care Organization responsible for keeping large groups of patients as healthy as possible. But it’s difficult to assess the overall health of a population in granular detail—especially during new patient onboarding.

The Solution

The organization uses Particle to pull comprehensive medical histories on new patients, allowing them to better understand pre-existing conditions, medications, and other details that can help drive more effective care recommendations.

The Impact

Being able to identify the highest risk patients in a specific population empowers Oak Street Health to focus efforts and resources where they’ll do the most good. The result? Better patient care and more revenue via improved efficiency.

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