What can Particle do for you?

Whether you’re a startup, large national enterprise or somewhere in-between, you should have a simple and affordable way to onramp onto the nation’s biggest & best health data networks to better serve your patients, policyholders or customers. Particle is releasing data products that can do that - all with a single API.



Treatment means the provision, coordination, or management of health care and related services by one or more health care providers, including the coordination or management of health care by a healthcare provider with a third party; consultation between healthcare providers relating to a patient; or the referral of a patient for healthcare from one healthcare provider to another.



The conduct of utilization review activities by a 1) a health plan to obtain premiums or to determine or fulfill its responsibility for coverage under the health plan; or 2) health plan or provider to obtain or provide reimbursement for the provision of care. Utilization review activities include pre-certification and preauthorization of services, concurrent and retrospective review of services.



Conducting quality assessment and improvement activities, including outcomes evaluation and development of clinical guidelines, patient safety activities; population-based activities relating to improving health or reducing health care costs, protocol development, case management and care coordination, contacting of health care providers and patients with information about treatment alternatives; and related functions that do not include treatment.

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Particle finds & pulls consolidated CCDA & FHIR documents, parses the data for the use case & translates into a machine readable format specific for your need.