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Solutions for: Virtual-First Care

Create solutions that empower virtual care teams with quick, easy access to complete patient records.

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Healthcare is changing fast. Many patients would rather Google medical concerns than schedule in-person appointments — and providers struggle to keep up with patients’ interactions across the healthcare system. With virtual-first solutions powered by Particle, patients can get the care and convenience they need from a consistent team of fully informed providers.

Improve patient care & outcomes
  • Armed with complete, up-to-date medical records, virtual care providers can get the whole patient story before their first televisit and make smarter treatment decisions.

Enhance every experience
  • Put users’ needs at the center of every interaction, from fast, accurate onboarding to intuitive, convenient virtual services to easier account management and portal engagement.

Boost efficiency & lower costs
  • With Particle, you can build data access functionality directly into your virtual-first care platform, completely eliminating the time and costs of legacy record retrieval processes.

Use Cases

With a single, digital point of access for complete medical records, there’s no limit to the innovative virtual care solutions you can create.

From piecemeal patient history...

Providers need an accurate, comprehensive history on every patient. But getting info verbally or pulling it manually from outside sources is notoriously slow and error-prone.

...to rapid digital onboarding.

Simply have patients enter their demographics while signing up for your virtual-first platform portal, and we’ll deliver their complete medical history directly into the system.

From siloed encounters...

To properly coordinate treatment, virtual care teams need ongoing visibility into care plan adjustments and interactions with providers who are outside of the virtual-first platform.

...to consolidated care.

With Particle, providers can simply filter results by time frame and data type, such as physician notes and encounter types, to continually optimize care from a central vantage point.

From black box tracking devices...

At-home patient-monitoring devices can help providers track everything from blood pressure to weight. That is if they can actually access the data—or the context to interpret it.

...to robust remote monitoring.

Particle allows virtual care teams to pull regular updates on not only vitals and labs, but also remote monitoring data and patient-reported outcomes from apps and devices.

From compliance complexity...

To monitor patients’ adherence to care plans and medications, virtual care teams need visibility into script refills, interventions based on prior encounters, and more.

…to adherence affirmation.

Particle delivers granular-level data to facilitate not only highly accurate medication monitoring but also timely interventions when compliance issues arise.

From out-of-date dosing info...

To ensure patient safety, virtual care teams need the most accurate prescription and dosing data — but these can change frequently as providers tailor care to patient needs.

...to up-to-date assurance.

With Particle’s simple API, providers can set regular intervals to pull patients’ most up-to-date medication lists, prescriptions, dosing information, and more.

From hoping for the best...

It can be challenging to track the impact of any medication or intervention — especially when a patient has multiple prescriptions or moves regularly between care settings.

...to tracking real effects.

Particle provides updated, consolidated information at specified intervals to help providers track side effects and outcomes of interventions and adjust accordingly.

From missing the big picture...

Understanding variations in demographics and social determinants of health can help providers more holistically tailor each patient’s care plan.

...to mining critical insights.

With Particle, virtual care teams can improve cost efficiencies and resource allocation and minimize clinical risk by supporting patient insights with population-based data.

From sub-par preventative care...

Regular screening is an essential part of preventative care. But many patients interact with multiple care systems, so it’s hard to track which tests have been performed—and when.

...to systematic screenings.

With Particle, providers can easily pull patients’ most recent labs to ensure they never miss a screening opportunity, saving not only lives but also costs due to early detection.

Particle in Action:

Oak Street Health

The Challenge

Oak Street Health is an Accountable Care Organization responsible for keeping large groups of patients as healthy as possible. But it’s difficult to assess the overall health of a population in granular detail—especially during new patient onboarding.

The Solution

The organization uses Particle to pull comprehensive medical histories on new patients, allowing them to better understand pre-existing conditions, medications, and other details that can help drive more effective care recommendations.

The Impact

Being able to identify the highest risk patients in a specific population empowers Oak Street Health to focus efforts and resources where they’ll do the most good. The result? Better patient care and more revenue via improved efficiency.

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