Celebrating Pride Together at Particle

For the start of Pride this month, the Particle team has taken the time to reflect on what this celebration means to us.

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For the start of Pride this month, the Particle team has taken the time to reflect on what this celebration means to us.

Walk ten minutes from our office in NYC and you'll reach The Stonewall Inn, the location of the famed Stonewall Uprising. Many mark this event as the launch of the modern movement for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. The brave actions of a few, including activist Marsha P. Johnson, inspired a whole community in our city and beyond. A year later, in June 1970, activists marked the anniversary of the event with "Christopher Street Liberation Day," which is now considered NYC's first Pride Parade.

Pride Month, as we now know it, celebrates the courage of LGBTQ+ activists and everyday people who fought and are fighting for rights and recognition for all, regardless of identity. Pride is a joyous celebration of how much progress we’ve made, and at Particle, we recognize how important it is to stand for equality. As a company, we’re committed to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for all.

This year, Particle is taking substantive action for Pride by announcing an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group – a safe space built for queer-identifying peers within our team. This ERG will give members a platform to have conversations about topics that matter. It will also identify opportunities to advocate for organizations advancing LGBTQ+ health equity.

Beyond the creation of this ERG, our commitment to inclusivity reaches every aspect of Particle. We’ve always strived to maintain an affirming workplace for all, having carefully structured our recruitment process, benefits packages, and engagement programs. Among other things:

  • We don’t discriminate by gender whose partners have access to benefits.
  • We use gender-inclusive language in job descriptions and internal communications.
  • Our parental leave policy doesn’t discriminate between birthing and non-birthing parents.
  • We hire a compassionate workforce that fosters employee participation.
  • We believe our whole team - starting with our passionately involved People department - plays a role in maintaining a workplace where everyone has space to belong.

As a company that promotes healthcare data accessibility, we are glad there are so many ways members of the LGTBQ+ community can benefit from exercising greater control over their medical records. By building the infrastructure for systems that help patients universally modify or selectively share their data, we’re advancing privacy and empowerment in healthcare. Vulnerable populations, including LGBTQ+ persons, stand to benefit from the work we do. We’re proud that our company’s mission and culture are in alignment when it comes to standing for human rights. 

From our embrace of inclusivity to our love for celebrating progress, we consciously strive to create a culture of acceptance where everyone is valued. Every June, and every month, we’re outright delighted to be #ParticleProud. 

Particle Health wishes you a very Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈⚡️