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Our Mission:

Simple Secure Data Access

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It just got a whole lot easier to connect to healthcare’s best data networks.

Particle Health builds the infrastructure that allows patients and consumers to share their medical information with trusted solutions on the web — without patient portal logins or direct hospital integrations. For digital solutions, payors and other groups that need medical data, Particle is the fastest way to get connected to the US healthcare system.


Health Data Today


More Data Than Ever

In the last year and a half, over 90% of all data has been created. We’ve officially reached the asymptotic acceleration driven by the value we get from having data to work with. Decisions today must be made at scale, with facts & in seconds. How has your team strategized to reach more people and their medical records?

Consumerization of Healthcare

The amount of consumer applications and patient-centric thinking that has bubbled up across the industry can only be summed up by the phenomenon of Digital Health. People want lower cost, higher tech solutions to their health and the consumers (and payors) have spoken with their checkbooks. How is your solution designed with patient-centricity at its core?



More Regulatory Opportunity and Complexity

TEFCA, Information Blocking, HIPAA & more. The layers of regulatory opportunity and complexity have gained on an industry trying to create value while maintaining patient rights of the highest order. How can your organization gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of new data sharing rules and frameworks?


(1) Start Using the Particle API

Try interfacing (for free) with a query/retrieve API that uses patient demographics to search for records across >600,000 providers in the US and US territories.


(2) Embed our Permissions Tool

Integrate our permission tool into your workflow that allows patients & consumers to HIPAA Authorize a query for records by embedding a simple framework into your solution.


About Particle

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We believe patients, or consumers, should be in full control of their medical records for free - but not own the responsibility of collecting and managing it. In the same way that Venmo can access my banking information, I should be able to share my medical records with my insurance, doctors and applications easily and securely. For years, we’ve been building connections into the country’s biggest and best data networks so you don’t have to.

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Save money

Stop portal scraping and faxing. Particle is a one stop shop for access to hundreds of millions of patient records in the US and US Territories starting at $500/mo. Connect with our Sales Team.


Save time

Start using the Particle API in days, not weeks or months. If you’re a startup or large corporation, our Sandbox can get you playing with the nation’s largest networks today. Connect with our Integrations Team.


Reach people

Particle is focused on partnering with the largest health data networks in the country, making us the easiest way for you to develop, connect and access data at over 90% of acute EHRs in the US. Check out our network.



How Particle Works With Networks:

“We want to be on the right side of history.”

We partner with Networks, Integration Engines, EMRs, Labs, HISPs, HIEs and other Data Platforms to provide a single, simple & secure ramp for innovative solutions that add value directly back to you and your customers by using Particle’s patient-centric API. As new regulations and policies regarding patient access to medical data take hold, Particle can help meet compliance, further engagement with your patients, and direct value back to your customers with one simple solution.


What Particle Can Do for You

As an organization that needs access to people & their medical data, finding avenues in today’s healthcare ecosystem is difficult. Traditionally, fax, direct integrations to hospitals, or portal scraping were the only options. With Particle, there’s now a new option: simple onboarding to the largest data networks in the country. We’ve built our API to remove friction and create seamless interoperability so that your customers can enable patients to share their records where & when they want. With Particle, access is easy - what will you build?



  • Telemedicine

  • Second Opinions

  • D2C Prescriptions

  • Care Transitions/Coordination


  • Claims Adjudication

  • Prior Authorizations

  • Proof-of-Loss

  • UB-04



  • Risk Adjustment

  • Population Health

  • Chronic Care Management

Individual Access

  • Life Insurance Underwriting

  • Consumer Applications

  • Corporate Wellness

  • PHRs


“The ‘P’ in HIPAA stands for Portability.”