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From clinically-validated insights to interoperability solutions and beyond-- get the comprehensive data you need, structured the way you need it, straight into your existing workflows.

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Simple, elegant Core APIs

Power your products with FHIR R4 or CCDA data, accessed via a single, RESTful API. With Particle, you can quickly and easily tap into the nation’s largest healthcare information networks to find more records for more patients and slide them right into your workflows.

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Insights from data:


Slash costs & get insights fast with clinically-validated, condition-specific datasets

Regardless of their unique workflows, many of our clients ultimately wind up processing the data they retrieve in exactly the same ways. Particle FOCUS (Filtered Outputs Curated for Usability + Simplicity) does this step for you:

  • Structures data beyond CCDA and FHIR into actionable, care-enhancing insights
  • Reduces implementation costs up to $74K by freeing up 2+ software engineers over 12 weeks
  • Enables clinicians to make decisions faster with solutions that flow right into your existing workflows. Read our lips: No New Screens. Because we're here to prevent clinician burnout.
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FOCUS: Filtered Outputs Curated for Usability + Simplicity - for Specialties

FOCUS by Specialty is a condition-oriented intervention accelerator. We extract specialty attributes and map entangled data relationships to put actionable data at your fingertips.

  • For clinicians: Focus on treating patients with complex conditions — from setting and tracking intervention program goals to creating cohorts based on more than demographics
  • For data teams: Focus on measuring the success of novel intervention approaches, not data formatting
  • For your business: Focus $500k-$1M in engineering salary on other parts of the business
  • For ClinOps: Focus on clinical care, not CCDA translation
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Rx management, monitoring, & distribution

With Med Rec, you can easily use clinical medication records to create innovative digital health solutions that improve patient care:

  • Provides up-to-date de-duplicated medication data for accurate reconciliation and adherence monitoring
  • Enables fast, accurate onboarding
  • Improve patient safety and outcomes by helping to ensure the right patient gets the right meds at the right time — without duplicating efforts or prescribing contraindicated medications
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Data feeds:


Transform care coordination on a massive scale

Admission, discharge, and transfer notifications are essential for modern care coordination. Particle pulls them from over 10K hospital systems and care facilities with a single integration:

  • Proactively pushes alerts in real time for specified patient rosters as events occur
  • Reduces readmissions by making it easier to assign care managers and schedule follow-ups
  • Supports real-time monitoring and risk stratification by improving awareness of acute events and chronic or comorbid condition issues
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Platform solutions:


Get ahead of the next big trend in health IT

As of now, hospitals that engage in TEFCA through their EHR will be rewarded by the CMS Promoting Interoperability Program. With Particle’s TEFCA in a Box, your users can get all the benefits of data-rich QHIN networks, without all the hassles of directly integrating with the TEFCA + QHIN ecosystem.

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