Accelerate the transition to value-based care

It’s all about decreasing costs and increasing quality. Particle partners with you to navigate every step of the value-based care journey, putting clinical data at the center.

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Build a Future-Proof Data Strategy

Get up to speed on your patient’s heath history

Only accessing data that lives inside your own EHR presents significant limitations. At the heart of value-based care is risk, and that means you need a complete understanding of your patient. Particle delivers comprehensive, longitudinal patient history aggregated across all providers and EHRs.

Identify high-risk patients in order to personalize care

5% of the population accounts for 51% of healthcare spending. That means identifying who your highest risk patients are is a critical first step in reducing costs. Creating customized care plans for those at risk helps prevent frequent ER visits, downstream complications, and costly disease progression.

Get real-time insights into transitions of care

When a patient is high risk, they’re much more likely to be readmitted to the hospital after a care event. The average cost of a readmission is $15,200. Particle provides real-time alerts with key clinical context that enables care teams to intervene fast after a patient is discharged from the hospital.

Leverage clinical data to boost quality measure reporting

HEDIS. MIPS. Star ratings. Whatever quality system you use, clinical data can help. Unlike claims, there’s no delay. Clinical data provides a more complete and accurate picture of your population’s health and your organization’s performance across quality measures.


Improve Care & Efficiency at Scale

Now it’s easier than ever for Primary Care providers to access thoughtfully curated datasets from the largest nationwide networks in the United States.

Powering the Entire Primary Care Ecosystem

With Particle, you can securely aggregate & activate patient data from over 160,000 discrete healthcare organizations to fuel innovations and efficiencies across every Primary Care setting.

On-Site Care

Virtual Care

Home Health

Unlock Value with a Longitudinal Picture of Health

Readmission prevention

50% of readmissions happen within 14 to 21 days. Real-time data enables you to identify high risk patients and provide timely follow up care.

Care gap

Find and close critical gaps in preventative care across your patient population, driving value-based care initiatives.

Med Rec

Easily use clinical medication records to create innovative digital health solutions that improve patient care.

Referral management

Eliminate manual chart chasing and stay in sync with external patient referrals through status-based alerts containing key clinical context.

Patient risk stratification

Get a more accurate understanding of a patient’s risk category by leveraging utilization patterns and known diagnoses, leading to more optimal reimbursement.

Treatment eligibility

Utilize comprehensive patient clinical history to match patients to appropriate treatment programs based on specific criteria.

Appointment preparation

Make more informed decisions at the point of care with a longitudinal view of patient health, addressing chronic concerns before they become emergent.

(So Many) Use Cases

Onboarding & Chart Review

Appointments & Point of Care

Care Plan Creation & Adherence

Patient Monitoring & ADT Alerts

Readmission Reduction

Medication Reconciliation

Medication Adherence

Care Coordination

Clinical Decision Support

Seamless Referral Follow Ups

Improving Access to Care

Delivering Equitable Healthcare

How Particle Can Help Your Organization


Get the whole patient story, right from the start

Access to complete, longitudinal patient history within your workflow makes it easier than ever to understand, onboard, manage, track, and care for your patients.


Build fast with actionable clinical data at scale

Data access should propel developers forward, not hold them back. Particle provides clinical data in an easy-to-use format so you can equip your providers with the insights that matter most.


Unlock payer-provider collaboration

In order to achieve shared savings, data needs to flow freely between provider groups and payers. Particle provides the comprehensive data you need to reduce costs and optimize provider performance.


Fuel your solution with comprehensive insights

Your customers can rely on you for their entire information-sharing workflow. Plus, save $250K in network fees and engineering time by leveraging Particle’s integrations instead of starting from scratch.

“We’re looking to enable better care for our patients…

…by gathering their external health data before their first visit with us. Particle Health’s API is a promising solution for us and we look forward to building more innovative solutions together.”

— One Medical

“Access to consolidated data streams via Particle's integrated networks...

...has been a key driver for xCures' growth, scalability, and service improvements. It couldn't have been easier or quicker for our product and users!”

— Zachary Kaufman, Director of Product Management, xCures

“Access to clinical documents and discharge summaries provide context...

...enabling our pharmacists to make clearer, more meaningful recommendations to patients and their providers. Working with Particle Health allows us to explore new ways to leverage data for the benefit of patients and we always feel heard by the customer success team.”

— Matt Benedon, Cureatr

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