Four Questions for Jasper Health

We asked one of Particle’s newest customers how our API is shaping their platform for the better.

example of Particle API in use on Jasper Health app

We’ve just shared the great news that digital oncology care platform Jasper Health is one of Particle’s newest customers.

Like Particle, Jasper Health is a rapidly growing digital health company that’s been recognized as a 2022 UCSF Award winner. It’s no surprise that Jasper Health and Particle are a great fit!

We asked the Jasper Health team how they plan to augment clinical workflows and maintain high member satisfaction as they scale, using data from Particle’s API.

Q: What is Jasper Health’s mission and vision?

A: Jasper Health believes in providing a better cancer care experience for all – those currently in active treatment, remission, are high-risk, or for their caregivers and loved ones. We envision a world where today’s traditional cancer care is augmented with psychosocial support and coaching to provide a more holistic and total care than has traditionally been offered.

Q: What are Jasper Health’s goals for this relationship?

A: Jasper Health builds its product with member satisfaction in mind. We’re looking for Particle to give us additional data that helps extend our great member experience.

We think Particle’s API will enable Jasper cancer care coaches to make recommendations with a deeper level of personalization. Data around the member’s clinical history including comorbidities, medications, and social determinants of health will be particularly informative here.

Q: How will Jasper Health’s end users benefit from Particle? 

A: Our members and our care coaches always benefit when the data liquidity of their medical records is increased.

Our members will also be thrilled that Particle reduces the amount of manual information that they need to provide. We’re pleased to ease the burden on those affected by cancer and their loved ones. Finding clinical data makes it easier for Jasper Health, and our customers, to start right away. (Particle: this scenario happens to be our original inspiration!)

The additional information made available from Particle will also continue Jasper Health’s goal of reducing the cost of cancer care by deflecting preventable costs. Jasper care coaches will be able to see what approaches have already been attempted or recommended, resulting in up-to-date suggestions and less duplicative care.

By leveraging Particle Health’s API, Jasper Health is able to provide high levels of coaching, insight, and psychosocial support to our members.

We also asked each team to share their favorite things about working with each other!

Particle: Jasper Health has been a dream partner with immensely talented staff. “They have a great vision of the final Care+ product for clinicians they want to build,” says our Solutions Architect Anu Sood, “and it's great to be able to help them!”

Although Jasper Health already has a wealth of digital health experience, they are very receptive to input from Particle on how to best leverage their new data. “Their developers have a great deal of knowledge about interoperability and they’re a breeze to work with!” says Customer Success Manager Madeline Moore. 

Jasper Health: Jasper Health is a big believer in the possibilities of the FHIR healthcare data format. We’re thrilled that Particle Health is all-in on FHIR too.

By leveraging FHIR’s communal data sets and APIs, Jasper Health is able to integrate Particle Health’s solution much more quickly than traditional healthcare data services. This communal understanding will continue to pay dividends for our members as the scope of the USCDI, a standardized set of data elements collected and shared by most healthcare providers, continues to increase.