Highlighting Healthcare Interoperability Product Innovation and Showcasing Industry Recognition

Reflecting on our API platform innovation that empowers healthcare organizations to distill medical data into actionable insights to solve their most urgent challenges

Today we reflect on our clinical and operational momentum that has extended the reach of our API platform’s industry-leading bidirectional data exchange capabilities. Over the past year, we’ve pioneered new health data solutions in the healthcare market, earned industry-leading accolades that acknowledged the accomplishments of key company team members, and acquired foremost security and compliance certifications.

“Particle is laser-focused on health data with the goal of not only having secure access to every medical record but also being able to help providers contextualize and understand that data to improve care delivery. This year, we’ve taken great leaps to help health enterprises achieve interoperability through streamlined access to data that delivers actionable insights,” said Jason Prestinario, CEO of Particle. “I am incredibly proud of our team’s collaborative approach to innovative product development and all that we have been able to accomplish for our current and prospective customers.”

Expanding Particle’s Data Interoperability Product Portfolio

This year, our engineering team has continued to innovate and build actionable data products that are fueled by more than 320 million patients' medical records that are piped in live from the largest healthcare networks and distilled by our API platform. To help our partner healthcare providers achieve interoperability and deliver better care, we’ve brought to market purpose-built capabilities, a new feature, and a solution suite.

  • We’ve announced the expansion of our Specialty Search capability to address a new set of complex health conditions: pulmonology, nephrology, and gastroenterology. Three new conditions where preventative treatment could make an especially large impact. Specialty Search is a unique feature that makes it easier to get records from national and regional Centers of Excellence, which generate above-average numbers of siloed-off patient records.
  • Particle FOCUS (Filtered Outputs Curated for Usability + Simplicity) solution suite was introduced. It’s designed to streamline data by delivering comprehensive, simplified, and organized patient health information across seven disease states: Diabetes, Cardiology, Oncology, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Pulmonology, Orthopedics, and Gastroenterology. 
  • Particle for Platforms, a new feature that achieves interoperability for software-enabled healthcare organizations through our single API, was launched. The offering provides an interoperability gateway that connects to CommonWell Health Alliance, Carequality, and eHealth Exchange, along with access to data previously unavailable to them.
“At Particle, our passion is healthcare data interoperability, but we believe that this will never be a true reality until we stop making patient data difficult – or even impossible – for individuals to access,” said Troy Bannister, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “In the first half of the year, our engineering team has given their full attention to building off the success of our core API platform technology, while finding new and innovative ways to meet the evolving data accessibility needs of our customers in a way that is meaningful and generates a tangible impact.”

Earning Key Industry Recognition and Publishing Industry Insights

Particle has earned recognition for our work advancing equitable access to healthcare data as well as our stringent approach to implementing a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure for safeguarding health information while ensuring effective data privacy.

  • We announced that we’ve achieved the HITRUST Implemented i1 Validated Assessment. The accreditation leverages a proven set of curated controls to ensure that Particle is exercising HITRUST i1 Leading Security Practices to implement a strong and broad cybersecurity program. The certification represented another step forward in our efforts to safeguard protected health information and exceed the industry’s most stringent security and privacy measures.
  •  Troy Bannister was recognized by Rock Health as an honoree of the Top 50 in Digital Health. The accolade spotlighted individuals from the digital health community for exceptional work in driving resources, bringing awareness, and pushing innovation toward better healthcare for all.
  •  For a deep-dive into the major HINs and how they will evolve due to TEFCA, we’ve released the white paper, 2023: State of US Healthcare’s National Network Data Exchanges.
  • To provide a closer look at the impact that Particle’s Specialty Search has on the seven conditions it targets, we’ve released the white paper, How Does Specialty Search Address Different Health Conditions?
  • Jason Prestinario was named winner of the Emerging Leaders in Healthcare Award which recognizes leaders, organizations, and enterprises who are devoted to improving the future of healthcare. He even landed the front page of Managed Healthcare Executive’s September magazine.

Particle is gearing up for a transformative phase of innovation working on new product launches and enhancements that highlight the power of our Platform. Stay tuned for our latest developments.