Particle Health affirms ongoing connectivity with Epic Systems and refutes recent reports

Our priority has and will remain enabling safe and effective access to medical records to facilitate better patient care.

April 15, 2024 - New York - Particle Health, the data transformation platform for healthcare, is responding today to inaccurate and incomplete announcements and reporting regarding its connection to Epic. Epic has implied it completely disconnected Particle Health and its customers from Epic’s data. This is not true. 

In fact, the vast majority of Particle Health customers have continued to actively receive data from Epic, without interruption, for use in their important work supporting providers in the treatment of patients.

Beginning March 21, 2024, Epic indiscriminately stopped responding to queries from some Particle Health customers. While there is an ongoing dispute between Epic and Particle Health, related to three specific customers, the significant majority of Particle Health customers impacted by Epic’s actions were not in any way related to this dispute. Nor is there any indication that these impacted customers (or Particle Health) have done anything wrong. Particle Health understands from its customers that Epic’s failure to respond to queries had an immediate impact on patient treatment.

Accordingly, upon learning of Epic’s actions, Particle Health immediately began to urgently press Epic to restore its connections to Particle Health customers. Due to these efforts, several Particle Health customer connections have already been restored, and Particle Health is actively working to restore the connections for the remaining customers.

Particle Health is an active member of the Carequality interoperability network, which facilitates these transactions. Particle Health maintains an ongoing, constructive dialog with Carequality, consistently adhering to all guidelines. Particle Health remains in good standing with Carequality.

“We will address our dispute with Epic through procedural channels,” said Jason Prestinario, CEO of Particle Health. “The remaining customers impacted by the failure to respond are not involved in this dispute and Epic has not even suggested that they have done anything wrong. We sincerely hope that Epic’s failure to respond to queries of these customers was unintentional and will be resolved shortly.” 

Prestinario continued: “We expect that Carequality will resolve the dispute in Particle Health’s favor. Our priority has and will remain enabling safe and effective access to medical records to facilitate better patient care. Any suggestion otherwise indicates a gross misunderstanding of our company values and the mission of Particle Health.”