Quark is here and it’s setting Info-Blocking on FHIR

We're proud to announce the launch of Quark, a new experience that provides digital health companies with unprecedented secure access to vital medical data from across the US. Quark takes advantage of Anti-Information Blocking and uses FHIR to offer a modern developer environment.

Healthcare interoperability is a complicated problem with a long history.  It’s easy to see - from the forms you need to fill out to the apps that have no concept of your health history - but there’s a reason Microsoft HealthVault, Google Health, Apple Health Kit and other massive projects, jammed packed with brilliant minds, haven’t figured it out yet.  

Both CommonWell and Carequality are owed an enormous debt.  These organizations have, somehow, wrangled together the frameworks and foundations that make ‘Interoperability 3.0’ possible.  We’ve just built something that works with what they’ve accomplished.  Shout out to Dave Cassel and Jitin Asnaani for the tireless work put into creating a neutral space to build new rules and solutions!

First, a little history: 

For the past five years, the healthcare policymakers have been working to create rules for information sharing between patients, providers and healthcare companies across the United States. The 21st Century Cures Act, which Congress passed in late 2016, included a section that bars "information blocking" by technology vendors or healthcare providers. These rules, which were finalized in March of 2020, require full compliance for all actors including developers of certified health IT, health information exchanges, health information networks and providers.  Now that the rules are set, we (the industry) need to figure out how to make these rules take effect.  This comes with technology, standards setting and collaboration.  

We believe that organizations that leverage data to power the healthcare solutions of the future will need to connect with the US health system (sounds obvious, no?). But the majority of companies aren’t equipped to enter this boundless era of interoperability and data sharing. 

That is why today, we are proud to announce the launch of Quark, a brand new experience that provides healthcare tech companies with unprecedented searchability and access to patient medical records, without barrier, across the entire United States. At Particle, we’re positioned to enable healthcare innovators to take full advantage of the new Info Blocking rules, utilizing FHIR and a modern developer environment.  

Quark represents the next era in healthcare innovation that will enable broad access to healthcare data exchange for patients, providers and innovators. For the first time in history, developers now have a place to build healthcare solutions on top of 250M individual’s medical records using FHIR. They also now have access to a growing number of other healthcare APIs partnering with us – two weeks before Information Blocking rules are set to go into effect on November 2, 2020. 

With Quark, our customers can:

  • Gain instant access to multiple networks - over 250M people’s medical records from most EMRs with one contract and one integration 
  • Quickly and easily integrate a multitude of partner APIs for accurate data on doctors, insurance plans, costs and quality of care, pharmacy/medication history
  • Convert all data to easily digestible FHIR standards for fast and easy development

We’ve proven this works.  Our platform has seen significant momentum since April.  We added notable customers including Oak Street Health and Medly Pharmacy. Over the past three months alone, we’ve signed 25 contracts and we’re on target to exchange 5,000+ records a day in Q4. And today, we’re also excited to announce two of our newest key partnerships with Ribbon Health and Cureatr to consolidate new, innovative API solutions into one platform.  

The great Nate Maslak, CEO & Co-Founder of Ribbon hit the nail on the head: "The healthcare industry is facing a complete digital transformation, one that promises the simplified, affordable, and improved experiences that patients deserve. We are thrilled to work with cutting edge API solutions like Particle to empower enterprises to overcome barriers that used to be insurmountable, like accurate and reliable information on providers or a simple pathway to share patient records securely." 

We believe that once the Information Blocking regulations start to take effect, access to data will quickly become commoditized. That is why we’ve been working hard to establish a unique set of data partners to further our mission of providing access to diverse and actionable data that will catalyze change in our healthcare system. We are entering a new era of data sharing for the healthcare industry and we are thrilled to deliver these capabilities to companies across the United States... finally bringing healthcare into the 21st century. 

One API, one contract, and endless healthcare possibilities are available now. Register now, at no cost, here