Particle Health Introduces ADT Notifications Through Its Single API Integration

Real-time admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) notifications generate care intervention opportunities supplemented by data queries to contextualize acute events

New York, NY – Nov. 1, 2022 - Particle Health, a developer-friendly API platform for bi-directional healthcare data exchange, today announced the availability of ADT notifications enabling healthcare organizations to receive real-time patient care event alerts. Particle’s API arms clinicians with subscription-based alerting following acute events with a single integration, working as a consolidated source for event notifications and contextual, clinical data.

For healthcare institutions operating under value-based care initiatives, reducing patient readmissions and proactively addressing health needs are vital to their success. With Particle’s ADT notifications, organizations can now enable real-time patient monitoring and identify changing levels of risk across their subscribed patient populations. The immediate care transition notifications can be supplemented by Particle’s data queries to secure context around an acute patient event. As a result, care teams will know to intervene with appropriate action, referrals and care plans.  

"Patient event notifications tied to contextual encounter data is the holy grail of managing risk across a population of patients, particularly in a value-based care setting," said Troy Bannister, CEO Particle Health. "Particle Health provides one contract delivering a single API and a longitudinal view of the whole patient. This empowers healthcare providers with timely and actionable insight into their patients' care journeys."

Particle makes ADT integration simple. Healthcare organizations submit a roster of patients to be monitored, and proactive alerts are then pushed through at the exact moment the care event occurs. Instead of integrating into each hospital system to get their ADT events, ADT feeds from ten thousand facilities, comprising hospital systems and care centers across the U.S., are put into a single, modern, developer-friendly API.

Particle Health was founded around the mission of enabling simple and secure access to actionable healthcare data. To learn more about the new ADT notification offering and how Particle’s advanced insights are allowing for more timely and informed clinical decision-making, please visit:

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