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  • To create tomorrow’s most innovative digital health solutions, you need unprecedented breadth and depth of data.

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  • Healthcare data integrations are notoriously complex and tedious. Luckily, we’ve had nothing better to do since 2017.

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Data Breadth & Depth

Access all the info you need, at scale

Particle aggregates robust clinical data across myriad document types from every kind of health system:

  • Systems — Surgical, ambulatory, & urgent care facilities, hospitals, clinics, GPs & specialists
  • Documents — Office visit, hospital encounter, & refill summaries, lab orders, continuity & transition of care
  • Data — Allergies, labs, vitals, meds, visit notes, family & social history, care plans, procedures, & so much more

270 Million+ FHIR-enabled Records

Our fast, simple API coordinates & parses data from 70,000+ health systems, practices, and clinics.

90%+ EMR Coverage — and Growing

Including Cerner, Greenway Health, Epic, Allscripts, Athena Health, GE Healthcare & more.

~90% Query Success Rate

We deliver the highest QSR in the industry with 105 records found for every successful query.

Ready-Made Partnerships

We tackle integrations so you don’t have to

Siloed healthcare data resources are designed to store data, not share it. We’ve spent years setting up impossibly complex integrations and creating a fast, simple API platform that finally connects all the dots.

With Particle, you’re free to access the data you need at scale so you can hit the ground running on game-changing digital healthcare solutions. Take a look at a few of our trusted data partners.

CommonWell Health Alliance
  • This national data network provides access to a vast membership of EMR companies and health IT vendors.

Carequality Interoperability Framework
  • Carequality contractually and operationally enables exchange between and among networks and service platforms.

  • Cureatr delivers the most up-to-date, comprehensive medication lists for over 265 million patients.

On-Demand Data Expertise

Healthcare innovation is hard. We’re here to help.

At Particle, we live and breathe healthcare data access and interoperability. We know better than anyone that every solution is different — and has different data needs.

That’s why we’ll be your partners every step of the way, from determining the best data format for your product to making the most of the clean, structured data you get from our platform. Learn more about how we support innovations across every segment of the healthcare system.

Provider Services

Ax the fax and empower providers to retrieve complete medical records in just a few clicks.

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Overhaul antiquated medication supply chain systems with sleek experiences that run like clockwork.

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Virtual-First Care

Create purpose-built environments for teletherapy, chronic care management, and more.

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