Improve Care & Efficiency at Scale

Now it’s easier than ever for Primary Care providers to access thoughtfully curated datasets from the largest networks in the United States.

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Improve Care & Efficiency at Scale

Now it’s easier than ever for Primary Care providers to access thoughtfully curated datasets from the largest nationwide networks in the United States.

Powering the Entire Primary Care Ecosystem

With Particle, you can securely aggregate & activate patient data from over 160,000 discrete healthcare organizations to fuel innovations and efficiencies across every Primary Care setting.

On-Site Care

Virtual Care

Home Health

Data Products for Primary Care

Particle Health FHIR R4/C-CDA API

Ax the fax. Particle empowers providers to retrieve complete medical records, securely and digitally, in seconds.

Particle FOCUS

Slash implementation costs and access care-enriching insights faster by tapping into our pre-curated dataset.

Med Rec

Easily use clinical medication records to create innovative digital health solutions that improve patient care.

ADT Feeds

Admission, discharge, & transfer alerts are vital for coordinating care. We push them to you automatically to keep your providers in the loop.

(So Many) Use Cases

Onboarding & Chart Review

Appointments & Point of Care

Care Plan Creation & Adherence

Patient Monitoring & ADT Alerts

Readmission Reduction

Medication Reconciliation

Medication Adherence

Care Coordination

Clinical Decision Support

Seamless Referral Follow Ups

Improving Access to Care

Delivering Equitable Healthcare

Putting the Value in Value-Based Care

Manage risk and get ahead of disease progression

With Particle, it’s easy to see how many patients have increased risk for certain diseases. By automatically flagging A1C values and other indicators, our curated datasets:

  • Empower providers to more accurately determine patient risk factors and disease prevalence

  • Reveal critical opportunities for preventative care, intervention, and follow up

Treat the whole patient with more complete data

Particle provides the most comprehensive, accurate picture of each patient — including conditions and details that would be difficult to assess otherwise. This enables highly individualized, integrated care planning that ensures every patient gets the treatment they need.

Get the data you need to support key diagnostics

With clear, actionable insights from Particle, providers can more easily determine when various diagnostics are appropriate. And when conditions are identified and treated sooner, patients are less likely to land in the ER and require extensive subsequent care.

Accelerate Toward Your Goals


The Next Big Thing in Primary Care Starts Here

Every health data API company talks a big game. But only one can actually bring your digital health vision to life with the fastest, most affordable, most comprehensive nationwide interoperability platform on the planet. (Spoiler alert: It’s us.)


Focus on What Matters Most — Helping People

Particle searches the nation’s most comprehensive networks, pinpoints the relevant data you need to make clinical decisions, and pulls curated, focused data outputs directly into your EMR. So you can stop sifting through 200-page medical records and focus on treating your patients.


Power Your Products with a Single, RESTful API

Tough product goals this quarter? Particle can change what's possible, fast. We've improved physician satisfaction and patient outcomes, increased margins, and reduced onboarding time, costs, and overhead for our other clients — and we can for you, too.


Mine Game-Changing Insights Faster

The future of healthcare is all about data-driven optimization. Particle provides the clean, interoperable data you need to derive breakthrough insights that create the next big product in healthcare.

“We’re looking to enable better care for our patients…

…by gathering their external health data before their first visit with us. Particle Health’s API is a promising solution for us and we look forward to building more innovative solutions together.”

— One Medical

“Access to consolidated data streams via Particle's integrated networks...

...has been a key driver for xCures' growth, scalability, and service improvements. It couldn't have been easier or quicker for our product and users!”

— Zachary Kaufman, Director of Product Management, xCures

“Access to clinical documents and discharge summaries provide context...

...enabling our pharmacists to make clearer, more meaningful recommendations to patients and their providers. Working with Particle Health allows us to explore new ways to leverage data for the benefit of patients and we always feel heard by the customer success team.”

— Matt Benedon, Cureatr

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