Our Ethos: Empowering Healthcare Innovators

The future of healthcare isn’t going to create itself. We tackle the big challenges holding today’s big thinkers back.

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Data Access Stinks
  • Yeah, we said it. Healthcare data is scattered across countless networks, making it incredibly difficult to unlock the info innovators need.

Until Now
Providers Are Flying Blind
  • It’s impossible for doctors, pharmacists, and other providers to offer the best care when they can’t get a complete picture of every patient.

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The Rules Keep Changing
  • You need data that’s clean, complete, & dev-ready. But who can keep up with constantly evolving regulations and interoperability standards?

We've Got This
Better Access to Data

Get more info on more patients in one place

At Particle, we’re building a centralized system that aggregates and unifies complete healthcare records from thousands of sources to fuel tomorrow’s leading digital health solutions.

Best of all, Particle offers the best way to quickly integrate the clinical data you need straight into your workflow.

The Whole (Patient) Story

From medications to specialist interactions, give providers a more complete patient picture.

A Nationwide Network

Patients move. Thanks to our trusted data partners, their healthcare data moves with them.

FHIRed Up & Ready to Go

Particle provides clean, dev-ready data, parsed and mapped to appropriate FHIR R4 resources.

A Clear Vision for the Future

Improve experiences for providers and patients

With easy access to more complete medical records, innovators are free to create game-changing solutions that improve patient and provider experiences across the entire healthcare system.

Healthcare data is vast! When presented with so much data, it can be hard to narrow down to exactly what you need, even resulting in analysis paralysis. Shift your focus to constructing more impactful treatment workflows for better patient care.

Primary Care
  • Looking to optimize outcomes, reduce risk, and lower costs at scale? Activate patient data from over 160,000 healthcare orgs.

Specialty Care
  • Get fast, secure access to a wealth of condition-specific insights thanks to nationwide search and data products that cover several major specialties.

Platforms + EHRs
  • Seamlessly flow processed data and insights to every organization you serve, with industry-leading interoperability.

Interoperability 3.0

Welcome to the Developer’s Era

Now that the gatekeepers of healthcare data are legally required to play nice, the path to true interoperability is clear. We’re right out in front, providing the future-focused API platform innovators have been waiting for.

Legislation FTW!

Shout out to the laws that affirm patients’ right to access and control their healthcare data via APIs.

A Long Time Coming

While these laws are new, our efforts to prepare for them are not—meaning we have a pretty big head start.

The New Standard

Particle Health sets a high bar for actionable, comprehensive, easy-to-integrate healthcare data.

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