Add Industry-Leading Interop to Your Platform

Pull, process, and share data from virtually any provider in the US to every organization you serve via a single API.

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Improve Care & Efficiency at Scale

Now it’s easier than ever for Primary Care providers to access thoughtfully curated datasets from the largest nationwide networks in the United States.

Interoperability made easy

Whether you want to integrate Particle or upsell it through your platform, hit the ground running with minimal dev time.


Connect your partners to national health information exchanges, ADT feeds, and Rx data.

50-60 COEs

Our bi-directional API finds info for on average over 90% of patients with 135+ records per search on average.

One Query

We handle all multi-national network overhead — including MPI, Directory, Trust Certificates, Network Fees, and Usage Policies — with a streamlined administrative API.

Products for Health Platforms

TEFCA in a Box

Give your users all the benefits of data-rich QHIN networks, without the hassles of directly integrating with the TEFCA + QHIN ecosystem.

(So Many) Use Cases

AI, Machine Learning, & Analytics

Data Aggregation

Risk Analysis

Care Coordination

Improving Access to Care

Specialty Care

Remote Patient Monitoring

Clinician Decision Support

Putting the Value in Value-Based Care

Get the data you need to support key diagnostics

With clear, actionable insights from Particle, providers can more easily determine when various diagnostics are appropriate. And when conditions are identified and treated sooner, patients are less likely to land in the ER and require extensive subsequent care.

Manage risk and get ahead of disease progression

With Particle, it’s easy to see how many patients have increased risk for certain diseases. By automatically flagging A1C values and other indicators, our curated datasets: 

  • Empower providers to more accurately determine patient risk factors and disease prevalence
  • Reveal critical opportunities for preventative care, intervention, and follow up

Treat the whole patient with more complete data

Particle provides the most comprehensive, accurate picture of each patient — including conditions and details that would be difficult to assess otherwise. This enables highly individualized, integrated care planning that ensures every patient gets the treatment they need.

Accelerate Toward Your Goals


Differentiate Your Platform — and Save Big

With Particle, your clients can rely on your platform for their entire information-sharing workflow. Plus, you can easily save $250K in network fees, engineering time, and additional vendors on day 1 by leveraging Particle instead of starting from scratch.


Help Your Clients Help More People

No more fax machines, paperwork, or gap-riddled medical records. Put complete patient data at your customers’ fingertips, structured in a way that makes it easier than ever to onboard, manage, track, and care for patients.


A Single, RESTful API to Power New Products

Data access should propel developers forward, not hold them back. Particle fuels innovation, providing C-CDA, FHIR-based or Particle-simplified records in just three simple steps, plus a market-leading hit rate and best-in-class support.


Provide Faster Access to Game-Changing Insights

The future of healthcare is all about data-driven optimization. Particle provides the clean, interoperable data your clients need to derive breakthrough insights that can make a real difference for providers and patients.

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