Particle for Platforms: Patient Records for Your Clients

Add Particle’s industry-leading information sharing solution to your platform.

Using Particle for Platforms

Particle for Platforms gives all of your clients the ability to get more clinical data.

Using Particle for Platforms

Particle for Platforms gives all of your clients the ability to get more clinical data.

Now You’re Interoperable

Give each care organization network connectivity to national health information networks and ADT feeds. Your end users will rely on your platform for their complete information sharing workflow.

Make interoperability easy
  • Even brand new clients can get clinical data from across the healthcare system. Particle’s time-tested, bi-directional API finds information for 90% of patients with an average of 135 records per search, making it more robust than any other interoperability solution.

Just press play
  • We handle user creation, usage policies, record location, directory structure, credential management, and security across multiple national networks. You decide whether to integrate or upsell this functionality — which you can add to your platform with minimal development time.

  • Get ahead of the next big trend in health IT. Hospitals that engage in TEFCA through their EHR will be rewarded by the CMS Promoting Interoperability Program. Particle for Platforms lets your users receive the benefits of data-rich QHIN networks, without the effort of a direct integration to the TEFCA + QHIN ecosystem.

Consolidated Network Access

Particle in Action:

Capsule and Medly

The Challenge

The pharmacy system is broken. Traditional processes require consumers to take paper prescriptions by hand from providers to pharmacies, wait for verification on archaic systems, and then wait even more for the script to be filled.

The Solution

Particle Health’s simple API provides fast access to the complete, structured data digital pharmacies like Capsule and Medly need to modernize these processes for consumers as well as pharmacies and service providers.

The Impact

By facilitating automated refills, scheduled deliveries, and advanced analytics for medication optimization, adherence, and reconciliation, digital pharmacies are improving not only customer experiences and efficiency, but also patient care.

Ready to get started?

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