Tap Into a Wealth of Condition-Specific Data

Get fast, secure access to condition-specific health records, insights, and data products.

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Improve Care & Efficiency at Scale

Now it’s easier than ever for Primary Care providers to access thoughtfully curated datasets from the largest nationwide networks in the United States.

Fuel specialty care improvements & innovations

Particle fetches data from Centers of Excellence (COEs) tied to your patients' conditions and produces outputs designed for clinicians, by clinicians.

Newly expanded


Record Locator Services
Search the top

50-60 COEs

for each specialty
One contract. One API.

One Query

The whole patient.

Data Products for Specialty Care

Specialty Search

Quickly find records, including those from out-of-state treatment clinics and providers, for several major specialties.

Filtered Outputs Curated for Usability + Simplicity

Organize condition-specific data from across the US into insightful, actionable outputs ready for your patient workflows.

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Putting the Value in Value-Based Care

Get the data you need to support key diagnostics

With clear, actionable insights from Particle, providers can more easily determine when various diagnostics are appropriate. And when conditions are identified and treated sooner, patients are less likely to land in the ER and require extensive subsequent care.

Manage risk and get ahead of disease progression

With Particle, it’s easy to see how many patients have increased risk for certain diseases. By automatically flagging A1C values and other indicators, our curated datasets: 

  • Empower providers to more accurately determine patient risk factors and disease prevalence
  • Reveal critical opportunities for preventative care, intervention, and follow up

Treat the whole patient with more complete data

Particle provides the most comprehensive, accurate picture of each patient — including conditions and details that would be difficult to assess otherwise. This enables highly individualized, integrated care planning that ensures every patient gets the treatment they need.

Accelerate Toward Your Goals


The Next Big Thing in Specialty Care Starts Here

Every health data API company talks a big game. But only one can actually bring your digital health vision to life with the fastest, most affordable, most comprehensive nationwide interoperability platform on the planet. (Spoiler alert: It’s us.)


Focus on What Matters Most — Helping People

Particle searches the nation’s most comprehensive networks, pinpoints the relevant data you need to make clinical decisions, and pulls curated, focused data outputs directly into your EMR. So you can stop sifting through 200-page medical records and focus on treating your patients.


Power Your Products with a Single, RESTful API

Tough product goals this quarter? Particle can change what's possible, fast. We've improved physician satisfaction and patient outcomes, increased margins, and reduced onboarding time, costs, and overhead for our other clients — and we can for you, too.


Mine Game-Changing Insights Faster

The future of healthcare is all about data-driven optimization. Particle provides the clean, interoperable data you need to derive breakthrough insights that create the next big product in healthcare.


xCures helps more cancer patients with Particle

xCures helps cancer patients access additional treatment options once they’ve exhausted the standard of care. The first step? Get the most comprehensive patient records possible.

The Problem
It’s extremely difficult for cancer patients and their caregivers to manually gather info from every provider they’ve seen.

The Solution
Using Specialty Search, xCures can pull relevant data from thousands of endpoints via one connection in minutes.

The Results

  • 50% increase in treatment plan enrollment during the first month
  • 12.5% of previously un-enrollable patients now enrolled

“The configuration change to support Specialty Search was made in minutes...

...It couldn't have been easier or quicker for our product and users to start taking advantage of this feature!”

— Zachary Kaufman, Director of Product Management, xCures

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