Introducing No-Code Production Access from Our Developer Portal

Users without coding experience can make individual queries on production environments from Particle’s developer portal.

We’ve brought our API Console to life!

Starting today, treating providers can make individual queries on live production environments from the no-code API Console within Particle’s developer portal.

This means that active Particle customers can easily pull actual records from real patients, for treatment purposes. Instead of mirroring your system with synthetic data, you can work live with the real thing!

What's Great About Accessing Production from the API Console 💡

To get Live access, your organization will need to be a Particle Health customer. We screen many organizations out of our multi-step qualification process, which involves: 

  1. Demonstrating to Particle that your organization uses Particle to serve treatment purposes of use only. This includes but is not limited to whether patient data flows to a HIPAA-covered provider whose NPI number is attached to queries.
  2. Agreement from our independent network partners, who also verify that your organization meets treatment purposes of use.
  3. Signing contacts which bind your organization to the data use and security standards of Particle and our network partners.

Once you have Live access enabled, providers will be able to make real world queries on a single patient via the API Console. 

particle developer portal live data toggle
Flip the toggle. API Console still works!

Our portal will query external data sources in the same way that your own instance of Particle’s API would. The live data you receive will match t he performance of your existing production environment. 

Put simply, your organization’s providers will be able to see real data for real patients in our FHIR or C-CDA Viewers, with no programming knowledge required.

Less technical providers will no longer need to rely on a full API implementation to perform queries on a patient. Previously, the API Console only returned test data for C-CDA and FHIR.

It's important to note that you’ll still need a full API implementation to query at scale. This feature is meant to make things easier when getting started, since it pulls one patient at a time. Also remember that our platform remains strictly limited to treatment purposes of use at this time. Per your agreement with Particle Health, providers can only run live queries with a treatment purpose of use for patients who are being actively treated.

How to Make Live API Console Requests:

The API Console makes it easy to query for production environment patient records. 

First, toggle into Live Mode on the left sidebar.

particle developer portal left sidebar

Next, visit the API Console page under the “Patients” sidebar area to run your query. If your purpose of use meets Particle Health’s HIPAA policies, select FHIR or C-CDA API to proceed.

API selection screen

To query for a specific patient, you’ll need their family name, given name, phone number, the first line of their address, and their City/State/Zip. 

Finally, submit your query using the “Make Request” button and sit back! If you leave the developer portal at this time, your query will still run.

Make request button in use

Making a new query while an existing query is underway - by clicking the reset button on the API Console - will cancel the older query.

Queries should take less than 1 hour to complete, depending on the number of files that Particle finds. Your query results will be available for 24 hours.

You’ll see a notification next to the API Console link on the left side navigation menu when your query is finished. The notification will remain there for 24 hours, or until you click reset. You’ll also receive a notification email.

When your query is complete, simply return to the API Console to check your results in our C-CDA Viewer or newly-updated FHIR Viewer. Alternatively, you’ll be able to download the full result in a raw bundle (JSON for FHIR, and XML for C-CDA).

Along with our recent visualization updates, our developer portal is sure to get your organization’s end users excited about patient record matching.

Jump back back in to our developer portal to get started. If you don't have Live access - or if you'd like to share your thoughts about our latest update - get in touch! ⚛️