Declaration of Healthcare Interoperability

Hear ye, hear ye! July 4 calls for a healthcare revolution.

It all starts with electronic medical records. Particle’s network of health information networks brings those medical records together - across different sources, from sea to shining sea - to empower patients and enable more effective care. Data availability must mean data interoperability!
💪 We, the people of Particle Health, declare our independence from the fax machine! No longer will we tolerate its tyranny, its reliance on paper, and its lack of interoperability.
🤝 We believe that quality sharing leads to quality caring.
☕ We demand our records not be able to be lost to a spilled cup of coffee, or getting misdiagnosed because the requisitions department used cheap ink and something got smudged.
🍭 We demand that our records contain vital info, down to what flavor lollipops our childhood pediatrician gave out. 
🤳 We demand that doctors take the time to explain our Google-informed, Reddit-supported self diagnosis to us.
 🛰 We refuse to be held back by the antiquated systems of the past. We demand a healthcare system that is fit for the 21st century. 
🤌 We insist the benefits of easier patient access to medical records are self-evident. Knowledge of one’s own care - and the choice of whom to share it with - is an inalienable right that heretofore must not be abridged.
🦖 We believe that siloed medical records, incompatibly stored between one database or another, must go extinct. Clinical information should be freely exchanged from the start, to help providers treat debilitating conditions with the speed these conditions require.
🔥 We believe technology is a key component of quality care, and we demand the enthusiastic adoption of efficient data formats like FHIR to enable digital health to reach its full potential.  
🚀 We find that the current state of affairs, with its reluctance to adopt a data-first mentality, is an impediment to providing the best possible care for patients. We demand that more attention be given to data collection now, as data’s value to individual patients and medical researchers at large will continue to grow without limit. 
☝️ We can no longer wait to see this happen. The enormous potential of interoperability calls for a healthcare revolution. 
We, therefore, in order to secure the blessings of good medical treatment for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Declaration of Interoperability. We pledge to work together to make clinical records sharing a reality, and we will not rest until everyone has access to the best possible healthcare.
Bald eagle destroying fax machine