What Makes Particle So Fast To Implement

Unique among interoperability solutions, our platform lets you get started quickly.

Doctors have learned that it’s better to rip a bandaid away than it is to slowly pull one off. We don’t waste time when it comes to improving health outcomes, either. 

Whether you’re a large health system or a growing startup, we know it’s important for you to get patient data and move on to the next engineering task. With that in mind, Particle makes your implementation process as speedy as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Implement Particle?

Since every healthcare organization is different, there’s no single answer as to how long it takes to get fully up and running with Particle in your production environment. 

What we can say is that Particle has worked to be the fastest healthcare API that your organization can implement. For example:

  • Particle’s team will work to support your speedy implementation.
  • Once the agreement is signed, much of the implementation timeline is determined by your team’s desired timeline for launch. Certain details on your organization’s end - like your use case, team members, and engineering roadmap - will have the greatest impact on the length of the process. Generally speaking, the more you prioritize implementation, the faster it will go!
  • Complete implementations generally take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

What Does Particle Do To Speed Things Up?

We recognize the value of implementing a healthcare API in as little time as possible. Our engineering decisions - from the design of our platform to the size of our client success team -  reflect this priority.

One API Aggregates Multiple Data Sources

Particle’s API removes the complexities of integrating with different, incompatible data sources. To tap into our vast network of healthcare data, you only need to make a single query to one small set of API endpoints, no matter where you’re pulling data from.

We’re connected to an industry-leading amount of data from different sources, and all of it comes to you through our unified API. 

It doesn’t matter whether we found your patient’s records in a regional exchange, a national network, or scattered throughout different databases. To get healthcare data, you only need to query Particle’s endpoints one time.

Essentially, you don’t have to manage the connections to multiple data sources on your own. Particle makes it easy to unify clinical data from multiple sources into a single location. Once you plug into Particle’s API, you’ve leapfrogged every organization that has to connect with national networks, EMRs, or HIEs one-by-one.

That means an exponentially simpler implementation process for the amount of data you’ll receive; and an easier QA process too.

We’ve Helped Teams Like Yours Before

From the start of the process, we’ll work with you to determine what implementation will look like. 

Particle’s client success experts are ready to assist your team’s implementers. You’ll benefit from our years of answering questions and project management recommendations. With each new customer, we’ve gotten faster at helping organizations integrate our API.

We’ll start by honing in on your use case, and what you expect from healthcare data. This helps you determine the exact data points on our network that you need, and why those are important.

We’ll offer recommendations about the composition of your team, and provide proprietary Getting Started Guides for product managers and developers alike. Our team can suggest milestones for when you want things implemented, helping you stay as structured and proactive as possible.

We’ll also guide you through testing, no matter your level of expertise with healthcare data. Our team will discuss the cadence and order of your API calls. We’ll help you figure out how to meet your use case with our platform in the most efficient way.

Your solution matters to us. Our oversized client success team gets high marks from organizations of all sizes. We actively seek out feedback, which even makes its way into our roadmap. Every healthcare organization is unique, and our experts have learned to work with them all.

Developers Can Get A Head Start In Our Sandbox

Our free sandbox lets your team start thinking about health data before an agreement is even in place. 

Every practice session that your developers get with our platform will help accelerate the implementation process, of course. But we’ve made sure our sandbox is an especially great training ground.

  • Our synthetic healthcare patients and medical data will give your team a better understanding of what real-world data will be like.
  • Our portal comes with API documentation and implementation guides.
  • Our portal for live data is the same as our familiar sandbox for test data. Developers can toggle between the two.

We’ve set out to be a developer-friendly solution from the start. Despite our advanced features, engineers who explore our sandbox say that Particle is not a particularly complex integration.

We Take Care of Complex Integration Issues

How useful would a healthcare API be if it only did half of the work? Connecting to data sources is just part of the challenge. Our platform also handles what comes next, without the need for additional tools.

Bi-directional Document Sharing: Even when you ingest healthcare data, complying with the network requirements to share clinically relevant information on your patients can take more effort than your initial integration. That isn’t a concern for Particle users. Our platform stands apart by handling the hard stuff for you.

Notably, our powerful national data sources require all participants to share their clinical information right back to national networks as a condition for accessing data. This can be a major engineering lift, and until now, it discouraged small organizations from connecting to networks.

Particle manages the complex infrastructure needed to provide bi-directionality on your behalf. We act as a document repository for our clients with the access we provide through our simple 2-step API. Particle handles this permanently, so you don’t have to worry about current bi-directional policies now or in the future.

FHIR Transformation: Whether C-CDA or FHIR data works for you, we can provide it without extra steps. Our data transformation process takes the old C-CDA format shared by most health information networks and turns it into FHIR, the next-generation standard, without added complexity or cost.

Setting Speed Records With Particle

You’ll love our healthcare API - so much that you’ll want to start using it right away - but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to spend time thinking about implementation.

Particle’s rapid implementation time leaves other alternatives in the dust. We’ll help you qualify for health data access, make implementation decisions and stay on track to go live. If you want to set a speed record with Particle, we’re game. Reach out today!