Troy Bannister

🎧 Paving the Way in Digital Health Innovation

August 23, 2021

Kaakpema "KP" Yelpaala welcomed Troy Bannister to InOn Health podcast, where they dive into how Particle makes healthcare data accessible to health tech companies and individuals.

What a great conversation! Troy reveals insights about the traditional barriers often encountered when patients attempt to access their medical records, including the challenges of maintaining organization within the documents. We also discusses how we examined other tech companies, such as Stripe and Twilio, and their approaches to solving three major issues—fragmentation, privacy insecurity, and data standardization. These insights served as the key foundations for transitioning traditional medical data processes into an electronic experience.

Particle Health enables providers to see the full scope of patients’ history via data automation, making it easier to build treatment plans and create clear follow-ups. Troy addresses the Anti-Information Blocking Rule (prohibits the restriction of medical information, with patients having the right to access data how they want feasibly) and how this led to initiating Particle Health’s beta program with consumer-facing applications.

Troy explains that if Particle Health can attain data outside of traditional healthcare spaces like hospitals and clinics and emerge into new technology, that same technology can exist outside of the current healthcare system, resulting in greater competition, cheaper prices, and more innovative thinking. He further explains how this evolvement would unleash a new ecosystem of healthcare. Ultimately, this change would create greater choice for everyone and provide more solutions and easier access to underserved populations.

The podcast is available now at InOn Health—or your preferred podcast platform! 🎧