Our Vision: Helping Innovative Health Organizations Find and Use Clinical Data At Scale

With Particle’s new round of Series B financing, we’re going to pair data access with insights that help health professionals use their patient data in better ways.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since Particle Health first launched. We started with one connection to a regional health information network. Just two years later, our one-stop API has become the leading source for healthcare companies that want to find and share patient data across nationwide databases.

With Particle’s just-announced round of Series B financing, we’re going to help health professionals use that data in better ways. Our API will continue to help care organizations access data with ease. Moving forward, our platform will also help Particle users uncover actionable care improvements from their patient data, with greater speed.

We knew from the beginning that making it easier to exchange medical records nationally would be an enormous technical challenge. What motivated our team to see this mission through - during each sprint and every All Hands - was picturing how better data access could improve a broken healthcare system.

While data sharing is important for its own sake, it’s also important given our customers’ many new ways to iterate on patient care. Having data is amazing, and we’re excited to help providers make better use of the data they receive.

True Interoperability

Over the past few years, Particle’s customers have seen true interoperability in action.

With an 85% success rate (and improving!) in finding records nationwide, and an average of 105 records per patient per search, we’ve nailed our basic promise to our customers. Similarly, with new data translation improvements, we can reliably process and make sense of millions of queries per day.

The foundation of Particle’s technology is robust, scalable and stable. Particle’s single, developer-friendly API connection to patient data helps providers uncover interventional opportunities, track care outcomes, and drive patient empowerment.

Particle is already the platform of choice for developers who want to work with patient records nationwide. As Particle continues to improve our search capabilities, we’re also stepping up a new set of value-add services meant to leverage the evolving national ecosystem of data sharing even more powerfully.

Phase II

Particle has made it easy to get patient health histories. Moving forward, we’ll also help deliver insights.

Healthcare providers are thrilled with the volume of data that Particle offers. Now that care organizations are used to easy data exchange, Particle is starting to explore ways to do more with patient records.

Our team has begun to assist our users with surfacing meaningful data from the vast amount of information that our platform finds. We’ve become experts at standardizing records, identifying key pieces of information, and focusing on patient attributes that lead to clinically relevant decision making.

Care organizations that use Particle are increasingly able to quickly glean extra value from hard-to-reach data scattered across the US. Particle’s platform is evolving into a vital tool for both enterprise healthcare providers and digital health startups.

Purpose of Use Expansion

With TEFCA & Anti-Information Blocking slowly maturing, we’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel that will allow Particle to serve more types of customers.

Consumer Access, Real World Evidence Collection, Risk Adjustment are just the beginning of where we see major opportunities to innovate in the not so distant future.

We hope to publish some information about what we’re seeing in the interoperability world soon about these developments.

Greater Impact

Particle really works and the word has gotten out. To keep up with demand, Particle will find new ways to onboard organizations of all sizes. Of course, we’re also going to support our growing customer base, continue to expand the number of healthcare data sources we’re connected with, and derive unique insights relevant to delivering the best care possible.

The funding from our Series B will help us continue to deliver great results. We’re implementing an ambitious long-term hiring plan as Particle scales to serve the entire healthcare industry.

All of us have health needs, and the work we do to improve healthcare can’t wait. Currently, Particle helps treatment providers access data. Providers are onboarding countless new patients, organizing records, and keeping patients out of the hospital with the help of Particle’s platform.

In the coming year, direct patient access to data will also be possible through our API, and just as revolutionary. We already have additional technology solutions underway, including tools for our partners that are sure to make a big splash as well.

Thanks to our lead investor, Canvas Ventures - as well as Menlo Ventures, Story Ventures and Pruven Capital - for sharing this vision with us. We’ve only scratched the surface of how healthcare data can change lives for the better. We believe that our product will be the one to show healthcare organizations how it’s possible.