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Fuel innovative solutions with data from 270 million+ patient records, distilled by Particle’s simple, elegant API platform.

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Let the digital healthcare revolution begin

At last, healthcare data is accessible nationwide. But “accessibility” doesn’t mean much when the data is practically unusable—stored by thousands of disparate hospitals, networks, and other sources in a hodgepodge of standards and formats.

Particle Health’s modern API platform unifies records from over 270 million patients across the United States. We provide a single, secure access point for the data you need to fuel digital healthcare innovations rapidly and at scale. Plus, it’s a snap for developers to use:

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Provide basic demographics

To get started, we just need the name, gender, date of birth, and address associated with each desired record.

Get clean, actionable data

With one simple query, you’ll receive complete data sets, parsed and mapped to appropriate FHIR-based resources.

Put the data to work — fast

Slotting our FHIR R4 API into your workflow is easy with HAPI and other standard developer tools.

Welcome to Developer Heaven

Start unlocking value instantly with our best-in-class developer portal experience:

  • Quickly prototype solutions, optimize workflows, and explore use cases in a fully functional sandbox environment.

  • Accelerate time to market with implementation guides, an intuitive user interface, and code snippets.

What can we do for you?

From improved patient onboarding to more-informed care, Particle Health fuels game-changing innovations for:

  • Primary & specialty care

  • Administrative tools for telehealth & connectivity

  • Clinical tools for screening, diagnostics, remote monitoring, & population health

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Particle Health provides structured, prescription-level data to support advancements in:

  • Medication reconciliation systems

  • Patient compliance monitoring

  • Dosing & prescribing optimization

  • Supply chain/digital pharmacy

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With Particle Health, you can create the scalable digital infrastructure you need to facilitate:

  • Exclusive virtual teletherapy

  • Wellness coaching

  • Chronic care management

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Data Breadth & Depth

Your one-stop-shop for both

Access data from over 70,000 health systems, practices, and clinics through a single integration—and over 270 million FHIR-enabled patient records  via a single query.

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Ready-made Partnerships

you innovate

We integrate, you innovate

Particle Health has spent years building the impossibly complex integrations needed to release historically siloed medical records. Because let’s face it—you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

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Expertise On-Demand

Get support at every step

Building future-focused healthcare solutions is hard. We’ll help you make the most of our data—including determining which format works best for your unique situation.

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It’s not just the data—it’s how you get it

Particle Health’s fast, secure API platform is:

  • Easy to implement, thanks to a modern developer experience, free sandbox testing environment, and collaborative customer service

  • Easy to understand, in an intuitive format, guided by straightforward developer portal documentation

  • Easy to trust, considering we’re SOC 2 certified and HIPAA & OAuth 2.0-compliant experts in healthcare data security

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