Coffee Chat with Hona

We sat down with one of Particle's newest customers, Hona, and asked them how our intelligent platform is shaping their AI solution for the better.

Particle’s newest customer, Hona, is a customizable, HIPAA-compliant AI that searches and converts thousands of health records into one simple patient overview.

We sat down with Hona’s CEO, Adam Steinle, to have a coffee chat and talk about how they plan to augment their AI solution to support clinical decision-making using patient data from Particle’s platform.

Q: What is Hona’s mission and vision?

A: More connected patients. Less time on charts. Our vision is for providers to have concise, essential patient information before each visit, eliminating the need to sift through extensive charts and preventing information overload.

Q: What are the company’s goals for this relationship?

A: We aim to collect comprehensive longitudinal patient data, distilling it into key information for providers, with links to original sources for in-depth analysis where necessary.

Q: How will your end users benefit from Particle’s Platform?

A: Providers will be able to get a comprehensive understanding of their patients more efficiently than ever. We will also be integrating across major EHRs, so providers don’t have to go into a third-party app.

Q: What are some outcomes you expect to see from fueling your solution with patient data?

1. More comprehensive care and complete referrals
2. Decreased provider burnout
3. Increased time with patients

Q: In your opinion, how do you think AI companies in healthcare can benefit from access to patient data in the long term?

A: We’re most excited about the ability to find needles in the haystacks that are patient records. There are mountains of underutilized unstructured data that can now be used to efficiently automate manual processes and be turned into care recommendations. While Hona’s goal is to help providers learn about their patients more efficiently, we think the tech we and other AI companies are developing can be used far beyond our current use case. Imagine being able to ask anything about a patient and receiving an accurate answer from their record in seconds. We’re excited to see what pops up in preventative care, clinical trial recruitment, consumer applications, and more.

Q: We also asked each team to share their favorite things about working with each other!

Particle: The team at Hona has a deep technical understanding on healthcare data which has allowed us to engage in thorough and effective conversations on how our API will flow into their solution. We’re incredibly excited about how Hona will utilize our clinical data from our platform to support providers.

David Dennis, Hona’s Customer Success Manager, shares, “I appreciate the thoughtfulness and inquisitive nature of the Hona team - you can tell this team cares about what they are doing and it is always a pleasure to partner with teams that are solving very important problems for patients and providers.”

Hona: We appreciate Particle's documentation and FLAT data format for its straightforward setup and cost-effectiveness. This data format minimizes redundant data processing, enabling us to create a perfect patient overview efficiently. As an AI company, our costs scale with the amount of data we have to process, and Particle does a great job of reducing redundant information in patient records.